Success Stories

High-Risk Couple

The following story was told to a VOW volunteer at a wedding fair. She was one of the vendors at the event.

“A year and a half ago, my husband and I were driving through Longview on our way to our lawyer to file paperwork for our divorce. Along the side of the road my husband saw a billboard for VOW. He asked, ‘Do you want to do this?’ I did not say anything to him until we stopped at a red light a few blocks down the road. There on the corner was another billboard for VOW. I told him, ‘I guess this is my answer, so yes, let’s call them.’ After a few weeks of the classes, we called our lawyer and called off the divorce. This program saved our marriage.”

- Bill & Arlene

Cohabiting Couple

A VOW coordinator tells the following story:

“As I was teaching a workshop in Tyler, one young Latino couple in attendance told their story of choosing to live together after she became pregnant. During the class they decided that they would set a date to get married after being indecisive about marriage. Several months later I was out in the community and crossed paths with them again, now married and with their child in arms. They thanked us for the knowledge that they gained from the workshop and said that they benefited so much that they were enrolled in an upcoming class that same month.”

- Aicela Moreno, VOW Relationship Coach

Married Couple

“Even after 59 years, we still learned a lot!”

- Married couple in a Workshop