VOW Private Couple Course 

Ideal for couples that:



  • Want a check-up and have fun learning new things about each other
  • Have a good relationship but know there is room for improvement
  • Understand they are having challenges and want to rebuild their relationship
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The VOW private couple education course is a personalized relationship strengthening program designed to teach skills which will change behavior and help create a loving, respectful, and satisfying home environment. Each couple meets with a certified relationship coach in private educational segments totalling 12 hours. Each segment consists of feedback from the couple inventory/assessment instructing the couple in the skills most needed, as indicated by the assessment.

The Complete 12 hour VOW course includes:  

A) VOW Couple Relationship Evaluation with Results Overview  and “take home assignments” (2 hrs).  The evaluation report is created when both partners complete the 30-45 minute online computer questions powered by PREPARE/ENRICH.

Built on a solid research foundation, the PREPARE/ENRICH couple assessment has been growing in popularity for over 30 years and has been used by more than 3 million couples!

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 B) VOW Core Education component normally facilitated in 1.5 - 2 hour classes every week or every couple weeks (8 hrs total), depending on schedules and assessment results.

 Topics will be prioritized based on the couple evaluation report and may include the following areas.

personality   communication   conflict
forgiveness   stress   backgrounds
financial   goals   desires
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C) Four to six weeks after your complete the core program, you will return for a Couple Follow-up Evaluation with a Results Overview (2 hrs) Your coach will help you to see areas of improvement and set goals to help you reach your potential as a couple.

After you complete the 12 hour private core program, you may attend a monthly one-hour Maintenance/Coaching Class, for one year after your enrollment date. 

The complete VOW course, including the 12 hour core program and the follow-up coaching classes makes VOW’s Healthy Marriage Program a great value! 

Course Payment Options:

  • $399.00 1- time fee, paid up-front.
  • $75.00 per class.