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& Mediation Services

While traditionally the world of business and the world of marriage and family relationships have remained disconnected, it is clear they have a major impact on each other. Building marriage and family wellness improves a company’s overall financial health, while ignoring these opportunities can decrease profitability.

Employees in healthy relationships are also physically healthier, experiencing fewer chronic health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression, saving companies money in overall health care expenditures.

Fortunately, businesses can invest in their employees in a manner that will impact both their home and work relationships – for the better! The same skills that are found in healthy relationships can be applied in the work place.

Trainings are customized but generally include the following discussions:

  • Learn communication techniques that will help you in the workplace
  • Maximize conflict resolution techniques
  • Gain insights into how of work-to-home and home-to-work relationships effect the employee
  • Comprehend stressors and effective methods of reducing stress
  • Personality profiles will be assessed utilizing the Primary Colors Personality Tool to teach respect and tolerance for different styles
  • How to clearly define expectations for employee/supervisor
  • Understand financial styles & behaviors
  • Learn the benefit of goals for increasing employee productivity and satisfaction

VOW Business Relationships Training cost and registration details:

  • Minimum class attendance of 6 people
  • All program materials included
  • $ Customized Pricing
  • Submit form below or call 903-232-1700

Mediation Services

Mediation is quickly becoming an alternative dispute resolution choice in many fields, including business, family and even in the church. If you are looking to preserve relationships but struggle to come to agreement, Mediation could be a great alternative to doing nothing or taking the costly road of litigation. Mediation is a process whereby an unbiased and impartial, third-party (the mediator) assists the participating parties in making progress on issues that have come to a stand still.

VOW Mediation Services cost and registration details:

  • Minimum attendance of 2 people
  • 100% confidential
  • All parties must read, agree to and sign a Mediation Agreement
  • $40 per hour
  • Call 903.232.1700 for more details

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